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King Blue Oyster (Mossy Creek) Mushroom Liquid Culture | Pleurotus Ostreatus

King Blue Oyster (Mossy Creek) Mushroom Liquid Culture | Pleurotus Ostreatus

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10ml liquid culture
Easy to grow
Store up to 6 months
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Difficulty Easy
Storage 6 month in fridge
Substrate Hardwood or Straw
Colonisation 21-24°c
Fruting 15-24°c

Easy to grow & delicious.

The King Blue Oyster mushroom emerges from a fascinating union between the Blue Oyster mushroom and the Elm Oyster mushroom. This exquisite mushroom exemplifies the perfect fusion of these two varieties. This species is easy to grow and absolutely delicious.

As the King Blue progresses through its growth stages, it unveils a captivating transformation: they congregate in expansive clusters, their pins evolve into a rich deep blue shade, and assume curious shapes that swiftly develop into sizable, splendid caps supported by robust, ivory stems upon reaching full maturity. Beyond their enchanting visual allure, these mushrooms boast a remarkable shelf life reminiscent of the King Oyster variety, enduring for up to 10 days when stored under optimal conditions.

What's included?

    1 x 10ml liquid culture
    1 x 70% alcohol wipe
    1 x 18G sterile needle


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