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Exotyc™ Zoo Manure Mushroom Substrate

Exotyc™ Zoo Manure Mushroom Substrate

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 Broad range of nutrients
 Loved by dung lovers
 Limited availability
 Guaranteed results or your money back

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Something new, something zoo

Camel and Zebra manure hand collected from our local zoo - give your favourite dung loving species of mushroom something new to thrive on.

Ready to use

Pop the tub open and mix with your grain spawn, it's as simple as that!

Limited availability

Due to the nature of this product we can only produce very small batches, get yours today before they sell out.

Guaranteed results

Mushrooms or your money back. Exotyc™ is covered by our Money Back Guarantee.


Coco Coir - the building block of any good substrate
Camel Manure - source of nutrients for your mycelium to thrive on
Zebra Manure - broad source of nutrients your mushrooms will thank you for
Horse Manure - tried and tested
Vermiculite - provides optimal moisture retention for multiple flushes
Gypsum - adds extra food for your mycelium as well as balances pH, preventing contamination
Water - filtered through a 5 stage system

How much do I need?

We recommend mixing around 1kg of grain spawn to 1 tub of Exotyc™ - you can also use this to mix with and bulk out standard coco coir substrate


  • Volume: 5 litres
  • Field capacity: Yes
  • Pasteurised: Yes
  • Ready to use: Yes
  • Storage: up to 3 weeks in fridge or 6 months in freezer

"Once people get hold of this, it will fly out. Just save me a pack or two to buy each month"

Stuart P, UK


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