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Pasteurised Coco Coir Mushroom Bulk Substrate

2.5KG Coco Coir CVG Fruiting Substrate For Exotic Mushrooms & Therapeutic Species

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How much do I need?

We recommend a substrate depth of around 8cm at a 4:1 substrate to spawn ratio. Here are some quick conversions to help.

 Grain Spawn
Substrate Needed
250g ~1 litres
500g ~2 litres
1kg ~4 litres

Click here to work out how much substrate you need with our substrate calculator.


1kg grain = 2 litres
700g substrate = 2 litres

How do I use it?

This pasteurised substrate is ready to use, making the whole spawn to bulk process extremely easy. Simply open up the heat sealed bag and mix with your colonised grains. Each batch is made to order to ensure freshness.


    • Coco Coir
    • Food Grade Gypsum
    • Vermiculite


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